Don’t Click Here

I thought the link said not to click?  :)

People like you and me aren’t very good at following instructions, are we?

The key traits of an entrepreneur are curiosity, risk taking, and a healthy disrespect for authority.  While the average timid reader was busy creating rationalizations for why they should stifle their curiosity, being told NOT to click sent the mouses and trackpads of my true VC1212 compatriots straight here.

And since you did take a chance in getting here, you will be rewarded for your boldness.

Below I am sharing a number of pieces of inside information, please use them at your own discretion:

  • CSCO will hit its next peak on 9/12/2013 and it will be in the range of $30-35
  • The New Mexico Lottery Hot Lotto game winning drawing will include the numbers “24” and “47” sometime in August 2013
  • The New York Jets will cover the “over” in 3 of their 4 October games, and only 1 of their 4 November games.
  • Questions about the plot holes in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus will only grow over time.
  • Two of the 2014 Academy Award Best Actor Nominees will have last names that start with “H.”

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