Our Investment in Crush.ly, the Platform That Helps you “Crush It”

I’m super excited to announce our investment in Crush.ly.graph-going-up

Crush.ly is a Utah-based startup with a cloud-based, secure, highly scalable platform for crushing it.

Sure, lots of companies talk about how they are “crushing it,” but this company has found a way to massively scale that process for others, catapulting companies 100x, and creating stables full of super-Unicorns.

The company’s technology has driven some astounding metrics in 2013. Revenue has grown 20% month over month, the product’s viral coefficient is 2.5, and acquisition costs have dropped by 8% per week.

And that’s not all. The company kickball team is 11-0 with an average margin of victory of 5.6 runs and the Management team’s average cholesterol score is down 10%.

Crush.ly’s CEO, Paolo Antoni, explains: “Quite simply, we were crushing it, and once we realized how effective our platform was for us, we decided to package it as a SaaS application that would help other companies crush it too.”

The product’s pricing is based on tiered bundles of which metrics you would like to grow ridiculously. There’s a trial period, so if after 30 days, you don’t feel like you are crushing it, you can cancel.

Given my own propensity for wild success, I connected with the team and its concept immediately. I’ll be joining the board and look forward to helping the company through it’s next phases of growth. We did not publicly disclose the amount of our investment, but suffice it to say it was 8 figures.

This is not CEO Paolo Antoni’s first success. He previously had a successful exit selling his Rome-based startup “Killing.it” to HP in 2009.

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