The Hottest Google Glass Apps so Far – TerminatorView & Beer De-Goggler

The first wave of incredible Google Glass apps are hitting the market. My firm Disruption Venture Partners has always been on the leading edge of new platforms – we were first to market with funds around the Newton, Treo, Zune, and iKeurig.

We are proud to announce the launch of a lab for developing Google Glass applications.  We toyed with a few different names (GlassCrunch, GlassHouse, “GlassWhole) before landing on GlassVision.

Below are the first set of hot apps currently under development:



  • Beer De-Goggler – If you are at a bar and your intoxication is making members of the opposite sex look better to you than they actually are, this app corrects their appearance back to its actual level, solving one of the biggest problems in “meatspace” social networks.

  • Rose Colored Google Glasses – This app does nothing short of creating a more pleasant existence for you by re-shaping the inputs you receive looking at the world. The weather is rendered as sunny, faces are smiling, when you look up sports scores your teams win, and incoming emails are adjusted in real-time to reflect the responses you were seeking.

  • TrekText – Translates any text in your field of vision into Klingon

  • Glass Pong – The first of a new generation of mind-blowingly immersive games. It’s a version of the incredible game “Pong” – you tilt your head up and down to move the paddle and hit the ball as it comes at you.

  • TerminatorView – if you have to go back in time to kill someone to pre-empt an act that they will do later in their life that creates an undesirable condition in the present, these glasses provide contextual data to help you assess targets, threats, and resources as you prosecute your mission.

  • BlackOut – for those times that you just need to chill, it blanks out your entire field of vision with a black screen.

  • Newsmaker – Google Glass is a great tool for citizen journalism, but wearing it doesn’t guarantee that you will witness compelling news events. This app’s heads-up display suggests to you dramatic actions that will MAKE news, which you will then record. It could be robbing a bank, launching a mass demonstration, throwing a Molotov cocktail, or dropping a puppy into a well and then saving it. The app records the news as you make it and then has feeds to update it to Twitter, Reddit and the AP.

Stay tuned for further updates as additional apps are still in stealth mode.



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