Abduct.ly – Finally, a Social Network for People Taken by Aliens

We are pleased to announce Disruption Venture Partners’ investment in Abduct.ly, a social network for people who have Aductly logobeen abducted by Aliens.

As Facebook becomes the place you don’t want to go because your grandmother is there, the action is moving to vertical social networks built around communities of interest. A massive but underserved market is the global community of individuals who have been abducted by Aliens. Their ability to deal with the trauma and repercussions of their experience is made harder by the fact that they are often doubted and even mocked by those around them. Abduct.ly provides a place for them to meet kindred spirits who have undergone the same experience.

Users can discuss probes, experimentation, takeover plots, and of course, the all too frequent sexual encounters that humans have with alien captors. Those who had their memories wiped by aliens can get assistance from others in recovering accounts of what happened. Nielsen, Ipsos and other market research firms are projecting double digit growth in abductions over the next decade, so we see this as a rapidly growing market that Abduct.ly’s team is well positioned to go after.

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  1. June 5, 2013 at 8:35 am

    An alien abduction social network? Cool.

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