There’s Even a Bubble in Tech & VC Blogs!

Along with the frothiness in tech startups and accelerators, we now have an accompanying bubble in startup-related blogs.

A few pioneers such as myself, Fred Wilson, and Brad Feld were early to the form and helped open up the black box of venture capital and make it more understandable. Since then, however, it seems that everyone and his brother fancies themselves an expert worthy of being listened to.

If you want to drive a car or go fishing, you have to take a test and get a license, but anyone can bring a child into the world or launch a blog about technology.

The trend is so widespread that I thought it might be interesting to check in at random with people I came across during the course of my day and see how many were up to something. I wasn’t disappointed.


Ted – barista at the Starbucks near my office.

“Yeah, I’ve got a startup blog. It’s mostly about media and music apps, and I do some technical stuff on identity mgmt and APIs.”



Jim – his brother

(speaking quietly) “To be honest, my startup blog is a little more sophisticated than Ted’s. He just regurgitates what he reads in TechCrunch, I get more into the nuances of the fund-raising process, term sheets, etc.”


Lisa – my manicure person at Nails to Go

“Funny you should ask. Tomorrow is the second anniversary of when I started my tech blog. It’s over 10,000 uniques a month now, and my klout score is up to 27.”


Chloe – my daughter’s kindergarten classmate

“I am NOT wasting my time on that stuff. This is obviously a bubble and I have better things to do with my time, like put nail polish on my Zoobles. I saw this all before in 2001, been there, done that.”


Checkie – neighbor’s dog

“Sure, I’ve got a tech blog. I mostly write about things like apps for kennel reservation tracking and crowdsourced dogfood recipes just because that’s where my domain expertise lies, but my blog also covers enterprise logistics startups and the India market.”

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