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I started this blog with the goal of sharing my insights as widely as possible, so I’ve always kept it free, turning down 5, 6, and 7 figure speaking and publishing offers that might limit how the content would be distributed.

However, my readers have consistently asked if there might be ways to more deeply engage with me and access additional levels of expertise. So I’ve decided to experiment with limited, premium tiers that  include business consulting, life advice and mentoring. Since I’m fortunate enough to have a great deal of wealth from my VC activities (particularly management fees), I will be donating 5% of the proceeds to charity.

 – $499 per month

  • Advanced access to blog posts 12 hours before they are published on the public site
  • Weekly subscriber-only email with exclusive public and private market tips that skirt the edge of legality
  • I’ll sign a copy of this blog (can be a print-out or I can write directly on your screen)

 – $999 per month

  • Half-day strategy offsite with your management team
  • I’ll teach a parent, grandparent, or other loved one how to use Pinterest, Twitter, and retrieve their voicemail
  • I’ll provide capsule summaries of up to 20 shows backlogged on your DVR

 – $1999 per month

  • Run your company for 5 business days and will improve 3 metrics of your choosing by up to 20%see terms below
  • Coach you and your spouse on lovemaking techniques
  • Serve as a role model for up to 2 of your children
* “5 business days” cannot spread over more than 5 calendar days, e.g., a “half day” Friday counts as a full day; “I” means either myself or another individual designated by me; “3 metrics” shall mean 1-3 metrics and “up to 20%” shall mean 2-10%.


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